INTERVIEW: Photographer Ugne Pouwell

First of all, can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started in photography?


I started photography as a young college student who was very much starving for creativity. I have tried different paths to express myself but photography felt just perfect to me. Choosing fashion/portrait photography was best as I could work with people their body features to express feelings much close as a sculptor. To improve my photographic knowledge I have decided to enrol into Photographic science course, which introduced me to the whole new interesting world of science and art. My understanding shifted a bit to understand every move you make, to be super conscious of your work process.

How would you describe your photography style? And what type of photo sessions are your favourite? Why?

I do like minimal, clean, a bit dreamy look. Always try to experiment, bring something new into my work. My favourite photo shoots are the ones when the team is well connected with ideas and truly motivated to achieve something great.


Can you tell us about your work process? Do you have any rules?

I do use my imagination first to build a story in my head. Then gather team, which understands your ideas and develops it further. Working with models is very interesting to experience as I do tend to put myself in their shoes to understand what they are like, I do not think that they are just models they are all very unique and different. It helps a lot to work together if you know the model’s character!

What are the biggest challenges of working in London?

I see no challenge; it is pretty easy-going city as it has developed such strong creative market here. I am quite optimistic!

Name your 3 most significant achievements so far?

Last year I have graduated in Photography Digital Imaging Technologies BSc course. Also made my first fashion beauty book called Colour Masquerade, which I really love. I hope to beat my 3rd achievement, but it is under development at the moment.

Your projects are a collaborative process. Tell us what is like to always be working with new stylists, models, and designers.

I am grateful for my profession to meet so many different, interesting people. I always learn something new from people I meet, it is pretty fantastic to learn their methods of work and vision.

What does fashion mean to you?

When I think of fashion I don’t see it just as objects. I think fashion is something deeper and personal. I believe clothing can express personality, character and feelings depending on how you select and wear them. Shapes, colour and texture have unique characteristics on a different person. I believe fashion can boost confidence and individuality. At the end, it is our second skin; which everyone can see.

What makes a great fashion photograph?

When you look at the photograph and you forget that it is a photograph. I believe a strong and realistic story is the key. Model wearing fashion pieces must live the character as her/his own, understanding it. I believe it is my task to achieve this through a model, explain a vision of a character/story.

Who or what are your greatest influences or inspirations?

To be honest I never had specific artists influencers. I always look at single images regardless who made it, trying to read and learn the stories. It can be a piece made by anybody found anywhere and it can be extremely helpful to understand something new. I do have my days when I go through galleries or art auctions to see pieces as they are in real life, I try to not to adapt my eyes 100% to digital screens. You have to appreciate art as it is in front of you. However, I am all time fan of Nature!

What advice would you give for next generation photographers?

Risk and learn as you go along with each project. Mistakes and criticism are good, not bad.

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