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SMAK Brushes is a Dublin based company and it was founded in November last year. With a brand ethos that aims to empower women to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin, the company is well on the way to achieving cult status in the makeup industry with its versatile brush collections SMAK Rose Imperial, Royalty Touch and the Limited Edition.

From their affordable and luxurious brush sets to beauty essentials and cleaning kits, the brand caters to all beauty kit needs.

At SMAK makeup brushes are more than beauty tools for applying makeup, they have the power to make wonders on busting a person’s confidence and improving self-esteem when used with the right product and with the right technique.

SMAK Brushes go even further with the belief that makeup brushes should be treated as a symbol of empowerment and as luxury beauty tools that every woman/makeup artist could make a statement with.

It is with this in mind when they have created their Bespoke Signature Collection where the makeup brushes are personalised and created at the highest standards. One of their most recent bespoke brush set was designed specifically for the winner of Miss Universe Ireland 2018. This brush set stands as a symbol for strong, brave and ambitious Irish women who are always striving to achieve their potential.

This unique set offers a complete range of twenty pieces of high quality synthetic brushes with emerald bristles, matte champagne gold ferrule and soft pink handles. Their luxurious softness, fine style and graceful application have wowed the Miss Universe Ireland team who went to order a second brush set to use it as a National Gift at the Miss Universe Finals in Thailand.

Makeup brushes can become very personal for each artist preference thus the Bespoke Signature Collection entails of customised brush sets that are designed and created to the requirements and personality of the individual/artist.


Model: Grainne Gallanagh | Photographer: Vanessa Bartlett

SMAK-Miss Universe Ireland.jpg
SMAK-Miss Universe Ireland-1.jpg
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