Print - L'affaire Magazine Vol 8

Print - L'affaire Magazine Vol 8


Welcome back for all our readers as well as welcome to those readers who are holding L’affaire magazine for the first time!

Let’s talk a bit about inspiration- such a simple and also complicated word. It’s something that comes and goes and it’s impossible to catch it and keep it forever. It’s impossible to stay inspired 24/7 and sometimes it might feel like a pressure from outside to be inspired. My message to you is: don’t pressure yourself, inspiration cannot be forced. Just take one step back, reflect on the past and instead of looking in the future, take a moment to appreciate moments right now. Try to see the world with different perspective and inspiration will come to you at the right time.

We are proud to interview a woman who took a swing in her career path- she started as a makeup artist and now she also designs impressive head pieces and works on one of the biggest wedding fairs in Moscow. We definitely find that inspiring!

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