Print - L'affaire Magazine Vol 1

Print - L'affaire Magazine Vol 1

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Welcome to the first edition of the bi-monthly magazine - L’affaire. We started working on this magazine to fulfil a dream of bringing together the raising artists and sharing their work, inspiring the world via imagery and telling people’s stories. We want to uncover the beauty that is barely ever told- like beauty of women in Persia, to encourage you by telling career and social media success stories.

The world is changing. We used to hunt the magazines to see what our celebrity crush is up to, now we can just open our Instagram and see what they had for their breakfast. And there is also a super instafamous part, which is redefining the meaning of a celebrity. It’s the new normal. Hear the advices on that part by reading our interviews.

We hope you enjoy reading the first issue, and do let us know what you think!


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