Print - L'affaire Magazine Vol 5

Print - L'affaire Magazine Vol 5


When you think that the time cannot go any faster, it surprises you again! Here we are, ready to get back to our busy lives after enjoying the slower and lazier summer days. ‘Back - to - school’ posters surrounding us everywhere and we feel like it’s time for a change (no matter how long ago was the last days of school). I talked to a handful of creatives during the hot summer days and heard similar thoughts- so many of us felt the holiday mode: ON even during busy working days. Now it’s a good time to brush off the beach thoughts and get back with full power to create and achieve new goals.

To represent the new creative season, we teamed up with a hair stylist Ross Kwan for our in- house editorial, using unexpected hair decisions. He also shared with us some of his go- to products and how to use them. And to satisfy the curiosities of what goes on the models lives (sometimes it is hard to believe that they are real people, as they seem just too perfect) we interviewed the charming Lulu Stone where she shared the ins and outs of modelling business.

You are unique. We hope that flipping through the L’affaire magazine pages will get you inspired to explore your uniqueness, get in touch with the core of your great self and radiate who you are to the world.

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