Print - L'affaire Magazine Vol 6

Print - L'affaire Magazine Vol 6

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It’s the small random things that matters.

Just yesterday, while having a few spare hours from work, I was walking around Parma city (Italy).  A friend who is local to this city, took me to a small simple cafe. While I was placing my cappuccino order, my eyes went towards the paintings display on the cafe walls. I couldn’t stop starring at them as well as analysing the brush strokes. I just had to find out who’s the artist and even forgot about my coffee (and Italian coffee is not something I forget!).
Moments like these stay with us for ever and are a proof that we have to create and keep our eyes open for small things in life.

Autumn - winter season tends to take us back to nostalgic memories, but why wouldn’t we use those memories as an inspiration?

With this issue we continue breaking the rules and hopefully taking you from the past to the future.

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