Print - L'affaire Magazine Vol 4

Print - L'affaire Magazine Vol 4


Welcome to our very first summer issue! It’s hard to believe, it is already our fourth issue as it feels like we started L’affaire Magazine just moments ago.

We hope you are enjoying the summer season as much or more than we do. I am sipping my iced peach tea as I’m writing this letter on the hottest day in London so far. We were definitely inspired by the summer heat and bronze glow while working on this issue! Don’t be surprised to see some bikinis and colorful looks!

As you probably already know, L’affaire Magazine is all about celebrating creativity and introducing talented people. We were very excited to talk with Errol Douglas, so very often called King of Hair, about his creative process. Daniel Diamond shared his secrets about portrait photography. And also we have a bit different take on the discussion about selfies.

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