INTERVIEW: Makeup artist Daniel Sandler



Could you introduce yourself for our readers?


I am Daniel Sandler, makeup artist and founder/creator of Daniel Sandler Cosmetics.

When and how did you get into beauty industry?

After training in makeup and hair at the London College of Fashion I met Mary Quant
who was instrumental in helping me to start my career. My father David Sandler was a
well-known London society hairdresser, who introduced me to his friend and colleague
Vidal Sassoon. Doors began to open and I was soon working for top hair salons and
fashion designers creating make up looks for their shows and shoots.

How would you describe your signature look?

My preferred style is naturally glamorous. The looks I create are relatively underplayed when it comes to make up application. Skin must look flawless with features that are well-defined and sculpted, but the overall finish needs to look ultra natural. I’m not heavy
handed with products. Social media calls me the patron saint of blusher because cheeks are a bit of an obsession with me, hence why I created my cult Watercolour liquid blusher.

You started working in the makeup industry over 30 years ago, how has the industry changed since you began?

When I started in make up it was necessary to understand the traditional skills that made
a make-up artist the best they could possibly be but these days many artists, not all, rely
heavily on postproduction to clean up their work. Also, there were a lot less people who
wanted a career in make up because it didn’t seem a very attractive or glamorous job.
These days make-up artists are often celebrities in their own right, and well known for
their work, so a career as a MUA now seems incredibly glamorous and is much more

What made you come up with your own makeup line?

I was working on shoots where I needed make up to stay in place because I was either
in a hot sunny climate and on a beach where make up runs, or I would be doing shoots
where the model was in a swimming pool or a shower and I needed the make up to be
long-lasting. There were no blushers around at the time that ticked the boxes so to
speak, therefore I knew that there was a gap in the market. The very first product I
created was my Watercolour liquid blusher, which was born out of a need to have a
product that blended easily and was both long-lasting & water resistant, in a plethora of

What does Daniel Sandler cosmetics stand for?

My message is simple, be your most beautiful. I create products that are unique but
functional. Innovative, often multi-purpose, affordable and with the integrity of
professional quality formulas. We only work with manufacturers who do not test on

What is your brand philosophy?

Makeup need not be complicated. Simplicity is key to looking your most beautiful. I also try to enable women of all ages to feel better and more confident about themselves.

What are 3 most popular Daniel Sandler makeup products?

Watercolour liquid blusher. Invisible Veil pressed blotting powder. Radiant Sheen
illuminating face palette.

Which element of your job do you most enjoy?

I enjoy it all. My creative career is so varied. I’m not only a MUA but I’m also a business
person with my name-sake brand. I adore meeting and chatting to customers and I especially enjoy hearing back from them when they tell me how my makeup has changed their life. I love showing a woman how easy it is to look amazing.


What is beauty for you?

Beauty is everywhere. It’s in everything. There’s just different degrees of it, and for me
when something is beautiful it’s because there’s a harmony between what’s inside that
person as well as what’s on the outside.

DS MODEL SHOT copy.jpg

What are your 3 beauty do’s and dont's?

I don’t have any do’s and dont's. I don’t follow rules. I offer suggestions and it’s up to the
individual to reach their own conclusion. For example, if a woman says to me that she
can’t wear blue eye shadow or a red lip, I show her how she can adapt those shades to
complement her, so that she feels comfortable with what she sees in the mirror.

Does everyone look better with make-up?

If I do their makeup they do. But seriously, its all in the application. It’s not what you
wear, it’s how you apply it that counts.

If you turn up at a show/shoot and the model has terrible skin, what do you do?

I get on with it. It’s not an ideal situation as covering spots takes time and I don’t want
everyone to be waiting for me to finish but I’m experienced enough to know how to apply
to disguise them. I’ll also chat to the photographer and let him know that they’ll prob
need to do a little photoshop afterwards. Flat spots are easy to cover but raised ones are
more tricky. Dry skin is also hard to disguise as makeup often enhances flakiness. So I’ll
prep skin with a gentle exfoliator then apply a moisturizer, some Primer and a
moisturizing Base and go really easy on powder.

What inspires you today?

My customers. I love to hear about their concerns and I love to bring our products that
become the solution. When it comes to colours, Mother Nature is my biggest influence. From
fishes in the sea to tropical birds to plants and flowers, nature puts colours together so

Beauty Instagram profiles have become a major influence to the beauty industry, but you
keep yours quite personal, how important social platforms are for you?

My social media account @TheDanielSandler is my personal account. I find that people
are interested in what makes me tick as an artist and as a person, and I am happy to
share that, to a degree of course. I love to share my lifestyle as well as my skill-set as
the MUA and brand creator. I also love sharing new product ideas too. My brand’s social
media account @DanielSandlerMakeup is handled independently, and that has been my
decision from the start as its solely to do with my cosmetics range.

Do you have any tips or advice for aspiring make-up artists?

Stay focused specifically on the area of the industry you want to succeed in. Be nice to
everyone. Put your ego to one side. Be prepared to work for free so that you can build
connections as well as a portfolio.

Share with us 3 random facts about you that very few people know!

I like eating crisps in bed whilst watching TV at night. I was a fashion model in Paris
back in the late 80’s. I only drink tea if it’s in a cup and saucer, I don’t do mugs.

Where our readers can find you and keep in touch with you? (Provide your Instagram, website, facebook page if any please)

Twitter: @DanielSandler Instagram: @TheDanielSandler

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