INTERVIEW: Photographer Dani Diamond


First of all, can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started in photography?

Hey I'm Dani Diamond, a fashion photographer based out of NYC. I started photography as a hobby when I was in business school. As time went on I saw the potential in making it my career and began to do so 8 years ago.

    How would you describe your photography style? And what type of photo sessions are your favourite? Why?

    I'm known for my tight headshot/half body portraits using available light. The backgrounds in my portraits convey dimension and depth while always blurred out. My favorite sessions are test shoots with models where I'm given full control of the end results without any clients or team involved.

      Can you tell us about your work process? Do you have any rules?

      I have a very specific workflow from shooting to retouching. I have my go to areas where I know I'm guaranteed promising light at any time of the day. This is mainly cities like New York City where there's so many options at my disposal. My retouching workflow is also very specific to my needs where I can create results in 15 minutes flat per edit. I stay far away from areas like parks where both the colors and light is unpredictable and awful for portrait work. I teach both my photography and retouching process in my tutorial with RGGEDU.


          What are the biggest challenges of working in NYC?

          The biggest challenge of NYC is parking the cars, unloading gear and just getting around in general.

            Name your 3 most significant achievements so far.

            My biggest I achievements would have to be locking down clients I've always set my goals on, creating a signature look to my work that's easily recognizable and writing viral content on

              What does beauty mean to you?

              I define beauty by a person with the right amount of confidence vs humbleness. It's amazing how this affects how a subject will look both in front of the camera and even as a person.

                What makes a great portrait photograph?

                The expression captured. Without a great expression the portrait is useless.

                  Who or what are your greatest influences or inspirations?

                  Those who follow, comment and support my work. They push me to do more and better. Without my followers I'd be nothing .

                    What advices would you give for next generation photographers?

                    Go to school, find a career that will bring in a solid income and do photography as a hobby. The success rate of photographers that make a comfortable living is very small. The term "Starving Artists" did not come for no reason. Don't let that term be you.

                      Tell us where our readers can see your work and keep in touch with you? (Provide your instagram, website, facebook page if any please)

                      I'm mainly on Instagram these days. I can be contacted there or any other social media platform.

                      Email (




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