INTERVIEW: Makeup Artist Nibras


Tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m based in West London but I travel all over the UK and abroad. I did a BA in media, cultural studies and publishing but knew halfway through my degree it wasn’t for me. After graduation I was temping, working as a receptionist and flicked through Glamour magazine. At the back were makeup schools advertising. It was like a light bulb moment - I never thought I could take a hobby and make it a career! I had a very glamorous mum growing up and used to love watching her do her hair and makeup so always had a love for it! 2 loan applications, £12,500 poorer and I was enrolled!

I am trained in hair, grooming, makeup, special effects and prosthetics however I specialize mainly in hair, grooming and makeup and occasionally body painting on request.

What it is about makeup that gets you up to work every morning?

The creativity and knowing that no 2 days are the same! I love getting involved in a good project whether it’s an editorial, a music video or a photo shoot - the process from start to finish is something that always gets me excited.

What would you say is your biggest achievement?

It would have to be grooming his Royal Highness, Prince William for Attitude Magazine. The fact that a Royal was on front cover of a Gay publication, talking about important issues that the Gay community faces, is iconic and I am so proud to have been asked to be a part of that experience. He was also lovely and very charismatic- a pleasure to meet!

How do keep up with the latest trends and style and where do you go for inspiration?

Google, social media, magazines and actually working at London Fashion Week. Websites like Vogue will summarize the strongest trends of the season and this is great to give you that basic knowledge of key trends. Also following iconic makeup artists like Pat McGrath, Val Garland, Charlotte Tilburry and seeing the looks they do on the catwalk is a great way of seeing the trends as they’re being created. For inspiration you just have to look around you- I love people watching and being in London everywhere you look can be inspiring- from the plentiful galleries, to the people, to the street art and graffiti- inspiration can be in everything and anything.

In your opinion why shooting on a set is different from an ordinary makeup day?

Shooting on set is different because you’re creating a story, not just a look. You get to be involved in the creative process from start to finish and to be a part of all these peoples creative visions. From the client/brand, to the art director, to the photographer, videographer, stylist, to the hair and makeup team to the retoucher- we all have to work in unison to create the end result that ultimately the client is happy with- it can only work with team effort. Private clients are different - you’re delivering a look that they’ve asked for. Whilst it’s up to you to make it beautiful, it is still ultimately their vision and therefore a much simpler /shorter process.

What are your top 5 beauty does and dont's?

Beauty Dos:
1. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different trends! Social media has opened the world to makeup but unfortunately we only keep seeing the same look being created - the contoured/ highlighted face has been going strong for a while now but the world of makeup is so much more! Be more creative and think outside the box- it’s only makeup and if you don’t like it - wash it o and start again!
2. Get in the habit of having a beauty regime. Everyone is so rushed these days but it only takes a few moments to at least cleanse tone and moisturise! A habit takes 7 days to form, so after this it will become routine.
3. Give your skin a break. If you wear foundation regularly- make sure you have o days when your skin is left to breath and learn to embrace your natural beauty.
4. Invest in good skincare- I love natural and organic skin care as I like knowing exactly what I’m putting on my face and there are so many great brands out there. Also don’t be afraid to make your own masks and moisturisers- so many great recipes out there!
5. Get a professional makeup artist to give you a makeover at least once yearly. It’s a good way of seeing how a professional sees your face and how they enhance your features. Its also a good way of learning new tips and tricks and don’t be scared to ask questions- most out there are willing to give beauty advice and it will be tailored to you.

Beauty Don’ts:

1. NEVER sleep with your makeup on- it will clog your pores and encourage bacteria on the skin causing breakouts! On tired days use good quality cleansing wipes as that’s still better then sleeping with it on.
2. Don’t be tempted to buy a darker foundation just because you’re feeling ‘pale’. Use a matte bronzer to add warmth to the skin or invest in a good fake tan. It looks better then that telltale dark line around the jawline!
3. Overdrawn brows!! Brows have become a huge trend in recent years which is great as they are essential in framing your face. However too many people paint them in these days and they look horribly unnatural and are not flattering to the face as often they’re not only too strong but also too dark. Get them threaded or waxed first to create the shape you’re working with. Give them a good brush and then use either a powder or pencil to ll in any gaps- stick to a shade slightly lighter then your hair colour or a similar colour match and enhance the shape you have to create a beautiful brow. Apply caster oil to eyelashes and brows at night to encourage growth. Slightly lighter then your hair colour or a similar colour match and enhance the shape you have to create a beautiful brow. Apply caster oil to eyelashes and brows at night to encourage growth.
4. Don’t follow a trend just because everyone out there is doing it! Its the same principle as fashion trends so make sure whatever you’re doing is flattering on your face and don’t be scared to alter that trend to make it work for you.
5. Don’t share your makeup!! Makeup harbours so much of your bacteria and by sharing you’re cross contaminating. Also get in the habit of shampooing and conditioning your brushes weekly- this will not only elongate their life but discourage bacteria spreading.

What are the 3 products you couldn’t live without?

Moisturiser, mascara, concealer.

Who would you say you aspire in the beauty industry?

That’s diffcult to answer as there are so many amazing creatives in our industry that I look up to, however someone like Marlene Stell, Makeup Geek Ceo, is some- one of late whom I greatly admire. I love to see strong successful women rise and truly admire how she turned a love of makeup into a 10 million dollar business all the while doing it with good ethics- deffnitely inspiring.

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time?

I would love to create a natural and organic makeup line. A lot of people now take better care and are more conscious of what they put in their bodies and I feel like the same can be said for what we put on our faces. There are a lot amazing and natural skincare lines but I couldn’t change my entire kit to a natural makeup line.

I would love to create a makeup up brand that has as good a range of foundation colours, beautiful pigmented colour palettes that have amazing quality of the finish similar to high end brands but with great longevity and staying power. I find a lot of the natural brands lack this and that’s something I would love to see out there under my brand.

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