A day in a life of a wedding planner




Rohita Pabla 29, is the Founder and Director of “Rohita Pabla - Luxury Wedding & Event Planners”

Living in West London with her husband who is also the Director and owner of “Magic Mirror London - Photobooth company”. Her brand is formed on the basis of 3 words “Create, Deliver & Execute”, creating events that amaze which leave lasting memories.



6:00am and it’s  time to get up and take on the world! Working for yourself to some people is the thought of staying in bed till 10:00am, watching the daily morning shows and reading a few "quote of the days".

Not in my world or the the wedding and events world, as no one ever sleeps! After my alarm goes off I wake up to start the day bright and early.

Starting with  an half an hour social media flutter, seeing what's been going on and what's new to come. Then upload a trend or two for my brides and grooms that follow me across social media (@RohitaPabla) so they have something to wake up to. I’m always up and about trying to catch the precious hours before the world awakens.


I start with a green tea and head straight to my office, it's a cute little space which I can call mine, overlooking a beautiful green, where I sit writing my blogs.

First things first, emails, who and when have people emailed me. Most of my clients are busy city commuters, partly the reason for their initial phone call to me. They have the ideas but lack time in their busy schedules and need that one person to take the reins and steer them in the right direction.

After the emails it’s through to my WhatsApp conversations with my clients. I always have a WhatsApp group setup with all my clients for instant, quick communication. Going back through all the conversations making sure all groups have been replied back to.

Clients tend to spend their evenings with their partners therefore a lot of loose ends get tied up and decisions sent to me.

Even in this 21st century with communication via mobiles and computers, I always make sure to meet my clients on a regular basis, our full planning package includes monthly face to face meetings.

After I've gone back to my clients I then look at each project/event looking at the status in terms of their time lines and booking schedule.


After a couple of hours going back on emails. Its then followed by an outpouring of the creative mind, I tend to write a blog every few days. It's a great way to keep up to date with new trends and also keeping my clients engaged.I have a free monthly newsletter which goes out, which has helpful advice and handy tips for planning a wedding or event.

Mid afternoon I go through all the clients files making sure that they are up to date and time lines are being met for meetings with vendors and payment also finishing off any mood boards which need to be finalized that then takes me to the late afternoon.


In the events industry there isn’t a 9-5pm time schedule, by 5pm my husband is home and we normally have dinner together catch on the day's movements and then I’m off to a meeting with potential clients or a venue to discuss future events and requirements. Most of my meetings take place across London, therefore by the time I have traveled and returned home it almost 11:30pm. I also have to actively slow down, I tend to read quotes or mindfulness books as it helps me to switch off as I have a tendency not too.


Is building a bond with my clients, watching their vision for their event come to life by “Creating, Delivering & Executing” it.

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